Võ Thị Như Mai

Song in memory


Listen to the song in memory
Hanging low memoirs of a place
No movement to seperate
The lyrical verses in the air

Each chord glides gently
Paddling to the whirligig of note
Miss your passionate hands on piano
Looking into your deep eyes

The day the world is fiery
Our youth, trust and love
The first bitter drop of coffee
The tidal dream seems blue

Phoenix learns to flap its wings
Ashes of life scattering around
Amidst sad stone from remains
Sound of silence echoing

Horse hooving is fading
Why traces of a kiss left behind
Agarwood from heritage flowers
Trees and leaves are not orphans


Original: Bài Hát Cũ - Nguyễn Hoàn Nguyên
Translated by: Võ Thị Như Mai



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