Vuong Thanh

Release the Six-Eight Verse


From the fading twilight in the west,
Willow branches gently shed their springtime hues.
Since the day we separated,
Time has unfolded its mysterious and unpredictable ways.

From within the transient mist and smoke,
Countless cherished memories have faded away.
Since you severed the red silk matrimony thread,
My life has been filled with empty verses.

From the passing years, gently let go,
Each night, letting the wind carry my sorrow.
From within the echoes of eternal realms,
Reflections on the water's surface gleam...

From me, like a lonely boat adrift,
with the ancient moon glowing on the water.
Along the riverbank, taking a leisure walk,,
I listen to the melody of the river.
Releasing a six-eight couplet, 
my heart feels lighter than ever.


Original: Thả Câu Lục Bát. Lâm Băng Phương
Translated by Vuong Thanh


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