Võ Thị Như Mai

Slowly slow down

         Lucia Verdejo

Afternoon sunray please gliding down slowly
My footsteps are towards the horizon
Bringing December freshly opens its door
The changing wind speaks her sound of last night
Humming a tune on the window frame
A day that I have never been away
Would be a day to remember
Slowly slow down
The morning wind passing by
The hidden field of childhood
December freshly opening its door following me
The breezy blouse caressing my hair of a white night
Not sure when he has gone
My heart valve open and not yet shut
Blood circulation not back again
Which might make me cry
Slowly slow down
Not sure why chrysanthemums is shy
The wind whispering its cold song of hibernation
It doesn’t happen by chance
That I feel softly weak and pitiful
While hiding in the sorrowful dream
Gliding together with my fate
The vague song echoing from a distance
Under the trellis of freshly blossomed jasmine
A pain running through my heart.


Original: Chầm chậm thôi - Tôn Nữ Mỹ Hạnh
Translated by: Võ Thị Như Mai




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