Vương Thanh

Once in Dalat, the Gentle Purple Flamboyant

In March, the color of longing intoxicates one’s heart
Suddenly the mountain town awakens in a dreamy daze.
Gentle purple flamboyant by the lake
And me - a naive breeze passing by.
Fluffy clouds - Sun on shoulders
The color of purple flamboyant flower on her lips is intoxicating.
And birds awaken laughter
from one who had long fallen back to the lonely world.
In March, you also wander.
Who still picks up the beloved flamboyant petals by the roadside/
The long shadow suddenly falls behind.
Drifting halfway down the slope and then stopping.
Beloved in purple attire for life.
The color of flowers, the hue of memory, when will it ever fade?
Why so purple, oh flamboyant.
Leaving the mountain town folks sorrow on parting..
No one left to borrow a shoulder to lean on.
Thus the heart’s chill – Eyes full of waves.
Be at peace, my dear – For the days to come
May your fragrant lips retain the old purple hue.


Original: Thuở Đà Lạt, dịu dàng màu phượng tím. Nguyễn An Bình
Translated by Vương Thanh, 03.2024



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