Vo Thi Nhu Mai

Illusory or real


How to explain clearly
Those are illusory or real
Sometimes it’s so vague
Between true and false

Sometimes two extremes
Attract to each other
No need to always cuddle
Love is forever green

Though at times, jealousy
Pretend to be nice
Hatred from deep at heart
Could show such friendly

As round as the moon
Crescent and full, both
With high and low note
Which one is the coolest

Only your heart should know
Due to our own feelings
It’s hard to express
And present all at once

Living in this life
So many contrasts
No need to analyse
To keep peace in mind

That’s why here we are
What we see may not be right
Sometimes it’s good to feel vague
Between illusory and real


Original: Hư và Thực - Lâm Băng Phương
English version by Vo Thi Nhu Mai


Direct link: https://caidinh.com/Archiefpagina/Poezie/illusoryorreal.html

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